EA Pulls A Fast One With Battlefield 3

Do publishers have a responsibility to make sure vanilla servers are available for multiplayer shooters? EA's Custom Server program means the players control the servers. If they're abusing their power, is EA even supporting the game properly anymore?

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WeskerChildReborned2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

I say renting a server has pretty much ruined the fun i had with multiplayer on consoles. I hate getting in lobbys where the limit is high so it take's hours to finish a game and also people who kick other people just cause they are doing good. I say get rid of all the rented servers and just keep the Official Servers.

KwietStorm2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

The official servers haven't gone anywhere, and if you don't like a specific custom server, then find a different one. You also have 2 opportunities to see the ticket count. If you don't look at the settings before joining, you can see it before you deploy.

WeskerChildReborned2253d ago

Yea but what sucks pretty much is their is no option to only search for DICE servers so i end up sometimes playing in a server that is suppose to be a DICE server but ends up being someone who just copied the DICE servers names.

Hellsvacancy2252d ago

Ive had the same thing, thats why i go to my History and select game from there

calibann2252d ago

No way! There is so much variety in servers now it was a great move by EA. Instead of pressing join game, press (A) or (x) (depending on platform) and you can see the server's banner, details, ticket count etc. Me and my squad mates have been having incredible games on the rented servers.

Tachyon_Nova2252d ago

Well there is almost no variety on PC. Pretty much all servers are 1000 ticket Operation Metro Conquest. The variation is whether the server allows RPG's and Grenade Launchers or not, and whether it is 16vs16 or 32vs32.

I'm sure most people are bored with the setup, but there are just so few other populated servers that you're more or less forced to stick with it or like me stop playing altogether.

FlashXIII2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

It wouldn't surprise me tbh if idiots were abusing them but this is why PC gaming offers a superior mp experience.. many server admins build communities around their servers so they do their best to be the best admins they can be.. you just don't get that community spirit usually on xbox live at least.

RaidoUK2253d ago

rofl well its always been like that on pc, and i couldn't care less if the game didn't even run on console in fact i find it kind of funny.

console gaming = why all games are shit now.

or to be more specific
xbox360 = why all games are shit now, run badly(shitty ports for everything else) have poor graphics with bad interfaces customised for horrible controllers.

FlashXIII2253d ago

Ironic really, my biggest complaint with xbox 360 online is that there wasn't dedicated servers.. now that companies have started bringing them into the console experience, people are whinging that players have too much control.. you can't win.

Reborn2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Dedicated servers hosted by the devs/publishers themselves are better, than player hosted (that is the main complaint).

Why? Who enjoys getting booted when actually doing well in a game? Just cause you kill the server owner, constitutes a kick?

Pretty unfair, and deducts from the fun significantly.

Hufandpuf2252d ago

Exactly, players have always been able to rent servers onPC Battlefield games, but now when console players get it, they get upset because they get kicked. It happens. I advise people to favorite servers they like and or look for the official servers because I know DICE brought more official servers online again.

swishersweets200312252d ago

I just want official Dice- One game mode, B2k and Classic maps all on one server like they used to have. Tired of 400 ticket rush games. Anytime i try searching for what type of game i want its harder then crap to find. Its hundreads of 2 maps 1000 ticket games or the dice servers are a mixture of game modes and limited on amount of maps. hardcore still lacks big time. Bf3 is a cool game but the whole server stuff sucks. If this is the direction they are going i think i'll pass on anymore bf games.

GraveLord2252d ago

So much for dedicated servers being "superior" to peer to peer.