Ridge Racer: Unbounded: Demo confirmed

Namco Bandai confirms the demo of Ridge Racer Unbounded

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chukamachine2099d ago

Already completed. But thnx anyway.

Mikefizzled2099d ago (Edited 2099d ago )

Should of been reported as it shouldn't have the PC tag. As the demo was released 15 days ago on Steam

joffa812099d ago

Ridge racer unbounded needed a demo before release as the game has no tutorial and is initially frustrating to get to grips with. I bought it last week and it's taken me till today to actually figure out how to race at the front of the pack, before that I was nearly throwing my controller through the tv.

NBT912099d ago

See my comment below, it was supposed to be a reply to you.

NBT912099d ago

How is the game itself? Worth buying?