Is Asynchronous Multiplayer Replacing Regular Co-Op?

Co-optimus: "With the upcoming release of Dragon's Dogma sans the inclusion of a proper co-operative mode, Capcom fans have been up in arms with the lack of a true multiplayer experience. However, asynchronous co-op could lead to an interesting way of being able to interact with your friends without actually playing at the same time as them."

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rick52922190d ago

For the record, Dark Souls did have co-op. This is just Capcom's lame excuse for not having a true co-op mode...

DA_SHREDDER2190d ago (Edited 2190d ago )

I don't see what they had to lose? They already raped everyone with RE and MvC. It's so ironic cause I actually thought it was gonna have multiplayer, so me and my friends were interested, but then the wall hit us in the face when they announced no MP. WTF?

grailly2190d ago

I'm pretty sure they always said there wouldn't be multiplayer

Danniel12190d ago

Can anyone tell me how many open world RPGs have online co-op, I didn't think it was that many; Dark Souls, the Fable series (not really open world), Crackdown.

I'm genuinely struggling to think of more, point is I don't think open world RPGs have been that reliant on co-op in the past.

ShoryukenII2190d ago

Dark Souls is not really open world. It is true that the whole world is connect but it isn't like Skyrim or GTA where the world is massive. There just aren't loading screens. It isn't much different than Demon's Souls.

But MMOs are mostly open world and are all about co-op.

Larry L2190d ago

It's the top-down RPGs that really show how great co-op is for the RPG genre. Champions of Norrath, Diablo. MMORPG also show how great RPGs are co-op. I think Monster Hunter is the greatest co-op game of all time. As for "open-world" RPGs with co-op, I can really only think of Sacred 2 Fallen Angel, which is like Diablo. I never played Borderlands, is that open world?

I'm always disapointed when a RPG I'm looking forward to doesn't have co-op. Though I still bought Oblivion, Skyrim, Dragon Age. I honestly think they'd all have been better with co-op, but I still love them.

As for Dragon's Dogma in particular though. This game is basically a new Monster Hunter. The damn game is BUILT around the idea of co-op. And the only reason I'm not buying this game tomorrow.....or because it's OBVIOUSLY a co-op game that Capcom just decided to remove the co-op and give you A.I. party members instead. It's the most rediculous thing I've ever seen.

Capcom made the original Monster Hunter in 2004, which is exactly the same gameplay idea as Dragon's Dogma with a party of 2-4 people ONLINE and it worked perfectly. Why take these steps back? It's almost as if they just decided to change Monster Hunter's name and remove the online. It seems that all Capcom can do this generation is take steps backwards from where they've already been years and years ago.

grailly2190d ago

it's crazy how people bash dragon's dogma because it isn't something else they liked. "the gameplay is not enough like demon's souls" "doesn't have coop like monster hunter". This is dragon's dogma, not MH or DS, just like it or hate it for what it is, not for what it might look like in your mind.

Larry L2190d ago

That's exactly what I'm doing. I'm not buying Dragon's Dogma because of what it is........a co-op RPG that doesn't have co-op. I'm sorry, but for anyone who knows Monster Hunter, the comparrison between that and Dragon's Dogma is impossible not to make. It's the same exact thing.

You go into a town and you get contracts to take down large beast terrorizing that town. That sentance describes both Dragon's Dogma and Monster Hunter. This game should have co-op just like Monster Hunter, and that's proven by the fact that you go on the quests with a party. If it did, I'd be buying it tomorrow.

grailly2189d ago

I don't think they're that similar to be honest. in skyrim you go into town and get "contracts" to bring down big monsters(dragons), that doesn't make it monster hunter at all...
I mean how is it possible that this game is skyrim, monster hunter and dark/demon's souls at the same time, those games aren't similar.

kneon2190d ago

GT5 has a similar sort of asynchronous co-op for B-spec but I'd like to see something for A-spec. You should be able to form a team to finish the endurance races as a team, just like in the real world.

When you come in for a pit stop you should have the option to initiate a driver change. Then the next time the next driver comes on line they can pick up from where the previous driver left off.

Hicken2190d ago

That's a really freakin good idea. But would you do that versus other human teams, or just AI races? It'd definitely be more awesome to do against real people, but then the coordination goes out the window.

kneon2190d ago

A multiplayer mode in addition to the co-op mode would be great, but as you say it would be hard to coordinate. You need to make it work without needing the whole team online all the time.

One solution would be for the current driver to be able to EASILY send out a request for a new driver. Then any other team member that is currently on line could accept. Once they are in the game the driver can pit and the new driver can take over.