Max Payne 3 Review | Gamers XTREME

Gamers Xtreme (R17): "Max Payne 3 signifies an extraordinary return for the series. The plot wraps the noir storytelling around a bright and exotic locale, filled with action and corruption. The previous games were certainly dark tales. The stories of addiction, double and triple crosses, as well as some grim surprises are ripped straight from urban legends. It maintains the workings that made the prior games great, while modernizing them to excellent effect. Between the Story, Arcade Mode and Multiplayer, there’s enough substantive content to keep you captivated for some time. While there are some mechanically wonky moments, they’re too minuscule to detract from a stellar sequel that was well worth the wait. Between its pacing, presentation and excellent gunplay, Max Payne 3 has raised the bar for many genres."

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