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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Review | Golden4games

Providing yet another new direction in the Ghost Recon series of military games, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier promises to go beyond the core Ghost Recon franchise and deliver a fresh gameplay experience. The game features cutting-edge technology, prototype high-tech weaponry, and state-of-the-art single-player and multiplayer modes. (PS3, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Xbox 360) 8.5/10

-epidemic-  +   981d ago
First review I have seen, I'm definitely picking this up. Does anyone know when the embargo is done?

Link isn't working for me?!?

edit: works now
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ilikestuff  +   981d ago
getting it too, i like the tactical shooters, most the time my brains are better then my reflexes so i do better at these types of games.

the link isn't loading for me
-epidemic-  +   981d ago
The link took a few tries to load for me, took a while too
Solid_Snake37  +   980d ago
wow always wondered why im better in BF3 than COD, that must be it.
clank543  +   981d ago
Yep, I'm getting it tomorrow. I love a good stealth action game with some strategy elements. Plus, the online beta was pretty fun.
Kamikaze8  +   981d ago
Embargo isnt up until tomorrow morning. Someone is getting in trouble.
YaKiiuZa  +   981d ago
It means it's been downloaded from torrent or as I see its not a review, it is a few translated facts about the game :(

Who approved this shit !
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Dazel  +   981d ago
The site seems to be an Arabic one :/

Day one for me...
CoolBeansRus  +   981d ago
Yes, i dont trust this site. I'll wait for a American site. :D I know they dont like american games over there. AMERICA!
J5Feedback  +   981d ago
8.5/10, they must hate it.
arjman  +   981d ago
Just gonna don my cowboy hat, grab a Budweiser and say if they're an Arabic review site then they hate AMERICA, 8.5/10 they hate AMERICAN games. They need AMERICAN journalists in Arab land GOD DAMMIT AMERICA AMERICA AMERICA AMERICA AMERICAAAAAAAAAA
Solid_Snake37  +   980d ago
wow you fail at life. The game wasnt even developed by americans: here these are the devs Ubisoft Paris
Ubisoft Romania
CoolBeansRus  +   981d ago
Like i said, I'll wait for an American review. Not, saying hated it, but they might bias.
Hufandpuf  +   981d ago
8.5 from a foreign site is biased? What do you want a 10? Then you'd say they can be trusted.
MidnytRain  +   980d ago
Why? Ubisoft isn't even an American studio, so what's that got to do with it?
Hicken  +   980d ago
How could they be any more or less biased than any other site out there, simply because the site is in Arabic?
Jazz4108  +   981d ago
I got it to load after several attempts but it looks like one of those google translated sites. It reads horrible like a 2 year old wrote it or someone with very broken english. I have this reserved and I'm getting this with dogma for the midnight release but I look forward to some actual reviews I can understand.
Holeran  +   981d ago
"The game has a new game is very disappearance or optical camouflage system known as optical camouflage This system was launched by designer Rafael Morado And speaking about advantages and disadvantages , This system is new addition to the game is more than excellent so you can use throughout the game , It features walk freely without one sees you and this is certainly not remotely near once you near the enemies will they recognize you and shoot you , You can use this system in stealth functions so don't feel your one but when you kill one balkhelsh or shoot personal will appear and then disappear again so try to be careful in the use of a single person and not in Group , The game has a very nice system and control the drones is very characteristic"

Boy this is gonna be one tough read.
honkyjesus  +   981d ago
Is it translated? That looks like terrible writing.
Ravenor  +   981d ago
Yeah, I would really like to be able to filter this junk out. Why does stuff like this get approved? It's not like a english speaking person can glean anything from that, it's just a article with a number out of 10 attached.

Yay, now I'm sold. /s
cpayne93  +   981d ago
That word didn't get translated. Dear lord what a horrible translation.
Raider69  +   981d ago
The game its a must have for people that love tactical shooter!The console version im playing is very polished techicaly and great SP.Havent played the MP yet.
tisoyboy2  +   981d ago
The Beta was good in my opinion and I like stealth games. I had to pass on Max Payne for this til my next check.
Mikefizzled  +   981d ago
Reviews Future Solider. Uses boxart from Advanced warfighter 2. Doesn't give a damn.
WeskerChildReborned  +   981d ago
Way to judge a book by it's cover.
Mikefizzled  +   981d ago
Obviously you misunderstood as I meant they didn't give a damn about the picture they used. After reading the first paragraph of very badly translated mess I then judged the rest to follow suit it and then skipped to the scores at the bottom.
WeskerChildReborned  +   981d ago
Ah i see, i thought you were judging the review over a picture so sorry for the misunderstanding even though i was joking but yea.
Yomaster  +   981d ago
Holy hell, was this article written in some sort of code that resembles English? Yikes...

Not trying to hate, but this article is terribly translated. This is basically a jumble of words with a number out of 10 in a box on the side...

I've already preordered from Amazon, but I'm waiting until a more credible source puts out a review...
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Pintheshadows  +   981d ago
Here's my Ghost Recon review.

Squid cat handle camouflage grapes. Pyramid cake tactical ship ghost cover trifle mechanic. Desert spoon gun upgrade albatross system. Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

Hufandpuf  +   981d ago
Great review!
himdeel  +   980d ago
"Emerson, Lake and Palmer." OMFG! Day one purchase!!
FarCryLover182  +   981d ago
Game looks good, sure. But I think I'll wait til the price decreases. This game to me seems like the price will depreciate mildly fast.
YaKiiuZa  +   981d ago
This guy did not write a review because he either translate an English preview or a Wikipedia content.

Since I can understand Arabic, I see no opinions have been given. It is just a few facts about the game.

I see no reason why this story has been approved in the first place ?
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matt1991  +   981d ago
Off Topic

But reading every ones comments and looking at the Agree and Disagree i feel like there is that one guy that just disagree's with every one just to disagree.
Yomaster  +   981d ago
Don't feed the troll...
caboose32  +   981d ago
There's always that one guy, no matter what article you are on in here.
FarCryLover182  +   981d ago
Are you sure that it's not you? You didn't get a dislike!
LFC1EE  +   981d ago
It's a must have title for me i have enjoyed them all so far great
GodSquad  +   981d ago
My only concern with this game, is that the weapons look too futuristic. But then again, i see that you can unlock AK47 and the like, so maybe not... Do any of you have a link to the weapons? Never played the beta...
Burackus  +   980d ago
It's all real weapons
Proeliator  +   981d ago
Embargo doesn't lift until 9 AM PST...

Fuck yeah, gaming journalism!
LoudHawk  +   981d ago
Yeah, I was about to say, I got an email with the embargo date and time, and is sure as hell was not when this was posted.
Holeran  +   980d ago
Why in hell does the embargo lift so late in this game? Hope it's good because I already paid for it.
Brash_Attack  +   980d ago
I think it lifts after release because they know the campaign was garbage and would hurt review scores. The game was obviously all based around the multiplayer which is extremely addicting.

At least, that's how I felt when I played through it. The campaign was so damn bad...
J86blum  +   976d ago
Clicked the link, gave it a look over, I have been playing it since Tuesday and give it a 9 not much do I dislike about the game short of I personaly have had some issues with connecting to multiplayer matches, and co-op, other then that its a great game.

Below I mention about DLC but by no means am I not happy with the weapons, they grounded it alot into reality, and the most tech-heavy guns at the moment are also in the game the Magpul Masada now called the ACR, and the Kriss V submachine gun. The story was good, at least to me, it wasnt over the top, and didnt make me feel like IM the only person in the world can save it. ( that gets old.)

Don't need DLC, but this would be sweet DLC if they planned on doing a fair amount of it, the 2010 shoulder mounted rockets it could be selected as a PDW/PDR or grenade slot in the weapons menu, along with the original Ghost Rifle. (I like all the guns that are in the game, just figure it be cool DLC)and maybe the Barret 50cal.

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