Ellen Plays Guitar Hero III... Damn This Writers Strike!

If you thought the crush of primetime reruns being aired due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America's strike was bad, you're obviously not watching talk shows. They're still limping along, sans scribes. Sure, some late night programming finds a way to keep the bar high, but when Ellen Degeneres is forced to fill her show with a full run through of Heart's "Barracuda" on Guitar Hero III (and on easy, no less!) the impact of the strike can be fully felt.

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xsteinbachx3988d ago

man... that seriously is most hurting thing to ever come to gaming.

toughNAME3988d ago

hey I'd take ellen over opera...or Dr. phil...oh god

lonestarmt3988d ago

damn writer strike. Its only getting worse too.

Surviver3987d ago

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert solved there things with there writers.

They are still on :)