Sony E3 Wish List 2012

The Last of Us, God of War: Ascension, Little Big Planet Karting, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, DUST 514, and Kara all PS3 exclusives announced pre E3 2012.

Metal Gear Solid, Assassins Creed, Soul Sacrifice, Little Big Planet, Killzone, Call of Duty, Bioshock, all PS Vita exclusives announced pre E3 2012.

Sony is never on shortages of exclusives and with these games and more announced for Sony’s console and handheld, let’s be honest, thus far Sony’s E3 Press Conference is shaping up to be better than Microsoft’s.

With all this greatness (hopefully being shown at this year’s E3), how anyone can possibly need a wish list for Sony’s E3 this year seems beyond imaginable. Sadly however, Sony has been known for not showing all their exclusive confirmed games at E3, and their Move still hasn’t seen great games like the Wii has, so here’s my wish list for Sony’s E3 2012 Press Conference.

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farhad2k82281d ago

Am I the only one who wants to see GTA and Gran Turismo on the VITA?
I think they would be great on the VITA!!

mushroomwig2281d ago

It would be nice to see some actual gameplay from The Last Guardian and I would love to see if Agent is still alive and kicking.

I would like to see the annoucement of Call Of Duty for the Vita, along with some new services for the PSN (mainly talking about Playstation Plus).

Drabent2281d ago

Dust 514...the game that will end Lag of duty and battlefreeze 3....or should anyway~

Blacksand12281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Good list, but i will talk for Sony 2013-2014 on PS4 FFvs13, GOW4, KZ4, MGS5, TLG, LB3, and more if your game not out this year look for it on PS4.

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The story is too old to be commented.