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GR-UK writes: "I enjoyed Dragon's Dogma, but there is something missing here, something to really get me excited. With a stronger narrative, and a more multifaceted combat system, this could have been a great role playing experience. Instead, it falls just short and ends up being a game you can certainly get a bit of fun out of, but where you will be constantly reminded of its shortcomings. And there is undoubtedly an audience for this kind of title, but in spite of a lot of good ideas this one goes down as a game that held a lot of promise and potential, that could have been so much more."

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godzilla722253d ago

Game is awesome, enjoying it more than Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amalur! Get this game!!!

MiamiACR212253d ago

I can tell you're lying, because you're enthusiastic about a bad game.

godzilla722248d ago

A bad game? Lol, not even close! Best rpg ive played in a long time. At least its balanced out right and you actually feel like youre making some progress! Unlike Skyrim. Youre high man!