Are You a Human replaces annoying CAPTCHAs with games

Now you won't have to guess at what the distorted text looks like. Play a game for a few seconds and you are done.

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Snookies122254d ago (Edited 2254d ago )

Lol, I hate CAPTCHAs, so freaking annoying when there are lines and stuff through the text so that even humans can't make it out and have to guess a few letters/numbers.

RockYou2254d ago

But who will translate the books?!

mushroomwig2254d ago

They're both annoying, by the time you've played the game you probably would of already refreshed and entered the text anyway.

So far Tinypic is the only site that has the least annoying form of captcha because it's a simple word or phrase, no messed up writing and no stupid mini game. I don't understand why they all can't be as simple;

wallis2254d ago

I think more will be done for AI in the name of posting porn addresses on random website comment sections than will be done in a laboratory. The ongoing escalation is actually encouraging computers to perform human like tasks - it's brilliant. I think we should stick around with captcha because if a spam bot ever did beat it then we'd have developed a brilliant tool for scanning papers and books into digital form.

On the other hand Captcha was more inconvenient than having your foreskin glued shut. I'm not sure any scientific advancement could balance out having to "translate" the shit they put on captcha. Ooooh a backwards dollar sign and three upside exclamation marks... wonderful.

illegalyouth2254d ago

At this point, I really think we need better legislation to address this issue. Technological fixes just aren't enough, and whether it's deciphering distorted text or playing a lame minigame, I want no part of it.

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