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NowGamer: "Has Capcom's promising ideas worked, or have they fallen flat? Find out in our Dragon's Dogma review."

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ALICE6662311d ago

No way this game is worth a 6.

ALICE6662311d ago

lol yea maybe worth a 6.1 :)

I dont like how he reccommended KoA in the first paragraph though because I just didnt like that game at all.. and I tried to.

Just goes to show different people may like something better than I do. Going to grab DD anyways since I really enjoyed the demo.

soundslike2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

You know because you played the full game right?

Oh wait its not even out yet...

Yep because demos always reflect the game in its entirety.

pr0digyZA2311d ago

Neogaf has quite a few people playing it, plus many stores overseas have shipped it early, including Capcoms own store.

ALICE6662311d ago

Nah just the demo.. but as I said above loved it to bits so I should eat up the full game. :0

godzilla722311d ago

Game is awesome and the best rpg ive played in years! Im usually not much of an rpg fan, but this game is seriously excellent! Got it early and have been playing for hours. I also like the fact that you can level up your character faster. Great landscapes, gameplay and creative monsters!

Saladfax2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

Eh... the pawn system seems to me like an interesting idea but almost (not entirely, mind you) a watered-down version of Dragon Age: Origins or Knights of the Old Republic.

Obvious differences in gameplay and characterization don't need to be highlighted. There's appeal in the strategy of how you build characters and approach combat. Combat does seem fun (the demo was pretty decent) in DD, but...

It doesn't seem like they create characters out of the Pawns, no personality or real interest in their interactions with the main character or each other. Their endlessly repeating dialogue is nothing short of irritating, and playing the demo made me wonder if I'd be better off going solo in Demon's/Dark Souls style.

Doesn't sound like that's recommended in this or really an option. The Pawn system (support characters without personality) seems to be at the core of this game, and sad to say it doesn't really seem all that interesting.

grailly2311d ago

I didn't play the game, so I can't be sure, but I have a feeling that pawns being "bland" is part of the story