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Diablo 3 is an action role-playing game - with the emphasis firmly on action. You'd get that, of course, from the murderous riot on the screen, the boom and splatter from the speakers and the showboating skills of its five astonishing playable heroes. You'd get it from its two predecessors, in which you hand-cranked your characters through near-limitless levelling with furious clicks of the mouse.

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Reaper99372282d ago

In EGs eyes Blizzard can do no wrong, clearly shown in this review, Diablo 3 a 9/10 game, I think not.

Just finished it 2 hours ago and I must say not impressed at all, poor story, bad graphics, server lag issues, much shorter than Diablo 2, easier that Diablo 2,etc.

This is the last time I wait 3 fucking hours in line at a midnight launch for a Blizzard game.

h311rais3r2282d ago

Play On inferno. Then stop whining.

Kanzes2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Easier? talk to me after you finished Inferno difficulty.

Bad graphics? I think the graphic is "beautiful". And what do you expect on this game's graphic in the first place? do you think Diablo will use a graphic like CryEngine or FrostBite2?

Shorter gameplay? Play again in other 3-4 difficulty, if it's not enough, play again on the different server.

For the server issues, I agree with you.. They got some problems on the launch.. But, it's like you never bought any Blizzard's game... I'm sure they will fix the problems ASAP

*sorry for my bad english. english is not my main language.

ninavoljic2282d ago

you're terribly misinformed and a fool to create your hasty judgment after playing a D3 for two hours.

Reaper99372282d ago

You the fool, pls go back to school and learn how to read before you comment on someone's opinion. I said "I just finished it 2 hours ago", I played it for 21 hours 42 minutes.