Dragon's Dogma Review: Heartache every moment | Joystiq


I have slain a dragon. I have walked the coasts of this land more times than I can count, treading upon the lives of creatures most foul. I have felled the beasts of the forest with arrows and steel and pillaged their leavings for aught. I have died, thousands of times, as have those who have adventured with me. And, in the end, I think back on almost none of it with fondness, or the nostalgic recollection given to hard fought, hard won battles. I am no hero.

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Christopher2317d ago

I think this is the lowest score I've seen for this game yet. Surprising, but I tend to value joystiq reviews over most others.

Emilio_Estevez2317d ago

I was quite surprised by it as well, Joystiq usually is spot on and they expressed a lot of displeasure with the flaws of the game.

Pintheshadows2317d ago

Joystiq does have a couple of picky reviewers. I'm getting this though as I really enjoyed the demo.

Nunchez2317d ago

What a 2? No way the demo was really good I'd give it a 4 just off the demo.

turgore2317d ago

RIP Capcom...
MAybe Dragon's Dogma 2 will be better. Even the IGN review wasn't that great and it got a 7.5 - not that its bad, just I expected a bettter score.

chazjamie2317d ago

it certainly sounds like he was forced to play the game, because it is job.