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From "If you’re reading this then it means you haven’t run away from the thought of a third person shooter using RTS elements. One could be forgiven for the inevitable shudder that crawls down your spine when thinking of games like Brütal Legend that thought they could blend seamlessly both action and strategy when they really, really couldn’t. But Starhawk can."

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sandman2242126d ago (Edited 2126d ago )

Can anyone tell me how is the hit detection in this game? Is it accurate or do the bullets sometimes not register when shooting someone? Because I'm debating weather I should buy ghost recon or this game.

faysal2126d ago

hit detection is spot on man. buy this game and it will keep u playing it for a long time to come. also something new with build and battle. and all the map packs going to be free as well. really worth your money

VonBraunschweigg2126d ago

It's accurate, in fact I haven't seen any lag so far, but I choose my games from the serverlist, you can see if your connection is good or bad, most are good btw.

But Starhawk is not so much about the shooting, the shooting is even kind of bland and boring. The fun (BIG fun) is in using the vehicles and buildings. If you care about upgradable weapons, iron sights and differences in recoil, Starhawk is probably not the game to get. I myself like this basic, simple approach to the guns, it feels oldskool. There is a little snap-on aimassist, not sure if it can be turned off, but you can adjust a few settings for aiming, speed, quickturn on the outside of the stick, precision on the inside. But again, I've played for about 30 hrs online now and haven't experienced any problems with lag or hitdetection.

It feels good imo:) Yesterday I blew a Hawk out of the sky with a single tank shell, sideways from halfway across the map, so one that wasn't flying directly towards me. I spotted him picking up the nuke/torpedo, waited for him to start his slow bombingrun at our base, aimed about 50ft in front of his path and about 1 second later BOOM smoking debris all over the place, nuke wasn't fired yet.
It was beautiful, by no means an easy shot, It sure felt accurate=) Same is flying in a Hawk. I'm not good at it, but strafingruns on moving targets just feel right, also a little aim assist, but overall the hitdetection in this game is spot on.

Dropdeadll2126d ago

The rifle kills quick if you shoot them in the head but if you aim for the body it might take two clips

neutralgamer192126d ago

Game is a must have for ppl that love all out warfare no matter what the circumstance. This game is sweet and i havent had any online issues yet.

As someone mentioned before nothing better that shooting down a Hawk or blowing up a tank. I love getting in my Hawk and bombarding the base getting some kills, but eventually getting down by some lone trooper using s missle on the ground lol

Also dog fights are epic, its feels incredible to be chased down in the skys but by maneuvering you get away.

Put it like this since its been out my UC3 has gotten less love (i love uc3 mp by the way) and Max payne 3 has only gotten maybe 30 percent of my gaming time. Star Hawk is the real deal!!!!!!!! with no frame rate issues.