The 12 Most Nightmare-Inducing Silent Hill Monsters

ToplessRobot writes: The Silent Hill series contains some of the scariest videogames ever made, favoring lingering fear and atmospheric chills over jump scares and gore. The games' success can largely be attributed to the dilapidated, intimidating environments that inspire feelings of isolation and dread. The games' narratives are well-written (well, the first few are anyway), focusing on the psychological torment of the protagonists as they deal with their personal demons. Their fears manifest as the games' monsters, a bestiary of genuinely disturbing and twisted creatures that have have become icons of the series. To celebrate the release of the surprisingly decent (though technically broken) Silent Hill: Downpour and the upcoming second film Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, here are the 12 most nightmare-inducing Silent Hill monsters.

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shodan742280d ago

God these bring back (spine-tingling) memories. I think the lack of imaginative creature design was actually one of the most disappointing aspects of Downpour. The series has had some truly magnificent monsters - not least the original's demon children and the second game's nurses and mannequins.

HarryMasonHerpderp2280d ago

Did you know they changed the demon children
in the PAL version of silent hill?
we got these guys instead...

These guys were my fave though...
so messed up lol

Kratoscar20082280d ago

My top five:

Pyramid Head.
Wheelchair Ghost (The room)
Demon Children
The guys with long arms in 3
The shadow kid in Henrys Closet.

At least SH is still a Survival Horror, unlike RE.