The Devil And Diablo III – Why ‘Always Online’ Is A Disgrace

With the controversy over Diablo III’s launch continuing to rage, Mark Butler argues that demanding a constant internet connection for single-player experiences is madness – and urges game companies to reconsider such tactics.

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Mad_Mack2313d ago

I am fairly sure I speak for everyone when I say that Blizzard going so far out of their way to prevent piracy has made me even more determined to pirate Diablo 3.


kreate2313d ago

The thing about diablo 2 is that ppl still buy it even today.
So whats the point of doing all this anti-piracy crap?

I have 4 copies of diablo 2. 3 copies of expansion. Never downloaded any pirated version but i did make copies of it.

Blizzard should def reconsider.

Tsuru2313d ago

You dont speak for me.

mananimal2312d ago

we`re not COMPROMISER, if you dont get it your just PASSIVE with a hormone problem.

vallencer2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Im fairly certain you don't speak for everyone because it doesn't bother me.

Edit: I don't think the always online was solely to stop piracy. I believe it was to be able to monitor hacks, bots, and of course for them to make a little more money with their auction house.

kevnb2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

the drm isn't to stop piracy as much as it is to control the game. Almost any other game where soloing affects multiplayer has the same online only policy. People are either just upset the servers have been done occasionally, are trolling, or are just dumb.

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Dread2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Agreed with the article. Having to be connected to play the single player experience is [email protected]#$

and for all of u who defend blizzard for this [email protected]#$ u will wake up one day and realize that u have lost ur ability to play the games u bought whenever u want. What hapens if the servers are shut down by blizzard, how are u oging to play the single player campaign? plus i have to tolerate lag when i dont want to play miltiplayer.

I never say this because i believe developers deserve to get paied for their games, but i hope the pirate the @#$% out of this game.

rdgneoz32313d ago

Yep, gotta love lag when you're playing solo. A few times I've played alone, I've gotten a red connection and lag some how. Also, love the servers coming down for maintenance when I'm playing "solo"...

kevnb2313d ago

it isn't a single player experience, its soloing. Just like any other online rpg where solo play affects multiplayer...

Basjohn2313d ago

Lol. OF course it's a single player experience. NOTHING. NOTHING about the game is like an mmo. It's a story driven game, intro, cutscenes, you being mentioned as a individual in all of know.....single player stuff. The game CAN be a co-op experience but you're sniffing some serious glue here pal if you think it isn't a solo experience at it's foundation.

There isn't an online game around where you can solo the final boss on the hardest mode, in can.

Somebody2312d ago

Blizzard NEVER said this game is an MMO or MMO-like.

MMOs are either subscription based or free-to-play. Diablo 3 is none of that.In fact it's the exact opposite where players are the ones who get real money off that game.

mananimal2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

AMEN, & let me add also to all you Corporate Cock riders who are EXTREMELY SHORT SIGHTED & PASSIVE, do you realize that you have NO CONTROL OVER even your Local Internet Provider? Having to rely on Battlenet/Blizzard is only part of the problem. Theres NO WAY you cant UNDERSTAND that VERY BASIC PRINCIPLE, thats just plain ol commonsense & forthought(thinking ahead) or seeing the BIGGER PICTURE plus the FUTURE RAMIFICATIONS OF DRM. It doesnt even require ANY FORMAL education to understand the PRINCIPAL, all it requires is some HONESTY within your own self & the COURAGE(lol) to think RATIONALLY, you dang SHEEPLE or so chicken shit to admitt anything that makes you STAND OUT & STAND UP FOR PRINCIPLE, are you even a MALE?, seriously grows some BALLS PEOPLE & STAND UP FOR YOURSELES for once in your life, ridiculous, just pathetic, & you wonder why WOMEN wont give you anytime??? Hello!!?? anyone home in that thing between your ears?? geez man.

DanJenkoFMV2313d ago

The same problem happened when MAG launched on PS3. Everyone tried to get on at once, the servers broke and I couldn't even play the game until a week after I'd bought it.

As Internet Connection gets stronger in the future then online-only games will become more acceptable, but at the moment 'always online' games simply shouldn't exist as it seems this exact same problem happens each time one is released.

rdgneoz32313d ago

"As Internet Connection gets stronger in the future then online-only games will become more acceptable"

Its not the internet connection that needs to get stronger, its the companies being able to handle the number of people logging online and always having the servers up / no lag or connection problems when playing solo.
I've had a few times red connections in D3 while solo, and then gotten kicked from a few co-op games for connection issues when I'm able to alt-tab and go online to stream videos and music just fine.

DanJenkoFMV2313d ago

Fair enough, but my point still stands - technology isn't at the stage where you can have millions of people trying to play an online only game at once, and therefore they shouldn't exist.

rdgneoz32313d ago

"technology isn't at the stage where you can have millions of people trying to play an online only game at once"

MMOs have millions of players playing the game at once. Hell, the number of people playing COD MP at once... They just have them playing on separate servers / regions.

The technology does exist, its just that companies underestimate the number of people trying to play the game day one or at peak hours and don't have as many servers / room for players (underestimate or just try to save money by not adding more till its needed). Many companies add more servers to handle the load after the fact.

sonicsidewinder2313d ago

This was just one of the reasons why C&C4 was a pile of horse-shit.

Psychotica2313d ago

It's like cable tv, they force us to stay connected. I demand that every single show on tv be available for off line viewing. What if the cable lines go down how can I watch my favorite show?

Pillville2313d ago

I think a more accurate analogy would be, what if you needed your cable to be connected to watch a DVD?

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