Is Exclusive Beta Access Harming the Game? | 8Bit Envy

Getting in to the Far Cry 3 beta requires either a bit of luck via their Facebook fan page, or buying Ghost Recon: Future Soldier as a GameStop PowerUp Rewards member.

Being that this is a beta, does the exclusivity of it make it less beneficial for the developers?

8Bit Envy poses the question.

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plmkoh2312d ago

In terms of platform exclusivity, it makes absolutely no sense to keep the "Beta" being on one platform, afterall the whole point of it is suppose to iron out the bugs and receive feedback that the devs would otherwise not be exposed to.

....of course that would ring true if these were truly "Beta" tests, in reality they are glorified demos used as a marketing ploy to hedge against any negative feedback with the usual "not the final product" line, we all know the final game ends up pretty much the same.

Crazyglues2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

Which is exactly why it's hurting the gaming market.. when people can't get into this so-called beta they get pissed off...

I can't speak for everyone, -but I know I have been supporting Ubisoft for years, and when I could not get in the stupid beta for Ghost Recon.. I decided to pass on the whole game - A game I would have most likely bought.. -(but beta access pissed me off)

-But I'm really starting to hate all these hoops these game companies are making consumers jump though, just to play the so-called beta.. it's getting really stupid.

If your idea is to sell your product, you might not want to leave out people who would actually buy the product.. That's all I'm saying..