Is the 'new' Wii u controller actually the 'old' Wii U controller?

Clickable buttons was originally part of the WiiU controller design. 2 iterations later and now hopefully this one sticks.

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DA_SHREDDER2316d ago

This has to be true, if not Nintendo cannot compete in the fps realm.

mike1up2316d ago

It is definitely more similar, but there are still differences: the 2 mystery buttons, analogs now being placed at more of an angle, and the controller appears slightly wider.

Stephen55432316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Actually, that isn't an old design at all. The user has admitted to being wrong about his original post.

Shiggy: "It's the new version indeed. While I initially thought it was an older design when I posted it in February, it's a newer one. The OAMI database has newer designs usually "above" older designs, thought it was the other way around."    ;

So this isn't an old design, it's actually a new one.

Blacksand12316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

People got mad at me when I told them the WiiU wasn't a new system it was a Controller. The same Wii but with a upgrade you can still use your Wii remotes, the only thing new is the WiiU controller. I don't see them sell alot of system, but WiiU controller's Yes.

browngamer412316d ago

As well people should have got mad...because what you just said is provably untrue-why would you try to give people such uniformed and false information?

cpayne932316d ago

Not sure where you get your facts from. The system will be far more powerful, the controller could offer innovative ways to play games if used right, and for all we know they could come out with an online service which will equal live and psn.

But we don't know. So don't go acting like you do.

kingPoS2316d ago

They need to release the WiiU in black otherwise it'll stick out like a sore thumb next to my AV equipment.

hellztourguide4202316d ago

LOL...or u could just use a black magic marker...