Black Ops 2 graphics: Treyarch's five biggest tech enhancements

OXM: How Treyarch has upgraded the Call of Duty engine for Black Ops 2, including details of new lighting systems, texture blending and shaders.

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dirigiblebill2102d ago

Design is what's holding COD back, not technology. Everything looks so brown. I'm hoping the new RTS missions and the expanded zombies mode will add up to something genuinely new.

Trenta272102d ago

Agreed. The improvements are appreciated, but the design is terrible. Same old, same old. What RTS missions are being added? This is surprisingly the first I have heard about it.

dirigiblebill2102d ago

There are "Strikeforce" missions where you get remote control of the drones and other soldiers. It actually sounds quite interesting. Also, I think the Strikeforce missions have multiple endings.

berndogskate2102d ago

make sure the ps3 version is on par as well twats

sandman2242102d ago

This is an great thing for call of duty. But I'm a little concerned for the ps3 version.......Will it be playable online or is it going to lag. Something I noticed a lot more since the map pack came out. Especially black box map. The frames dip down like crazy. Lens of truth should do another anylis on the new maps.

decrypt2102d ago (Edited 2102d ago )

You are playing on a 6 year old machine and expecting it not to drop frame rates? why not try reducing some settings maybe drop some resolution and drop some AA and some of those textures.. oh wait you are already at the lowest settings lol. You should think about upgrading or stop complaining.

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cpayne932102d ago

It's freakin call of duty, not exactly hardware pushing, even for the ps3 or 360. Blops was a poor port when it first came to the ps3, better now because of patches, but the problem was the coding not the system. If the ps3 can run games like killzone 3 pretty well, it should run cod no problem.

I feel sorry for you. Only a loser would act superior to other people because of something related to video games.

DreDawgg062102d ago

At least Treyarch look like their trying, That I can appreciate. MW3 shows what happens when a company doesn't try...

digger182102d ago

Yet MW3 went on to sell 10's of millions.

BuffMordecai2101d ago

Money that you'll never see.

fatboyfsx2101d ago

Yea we will, they are putting all that money into the development of MW4