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Excerpt from - ...Max Payne is a cop or ex-cop rather, who had to deal with the death of his wife and daughter, while as his name suggest, coping with it was what created the character as well as the franchise, as he brutally stepped outside the boundaries of police protocol. In Max Payne 3 we see a slightly different side of Max, while the old Max is most definitely there, he goes through somewhat of a transformation as he tries to find out where is at in his life and where he belongs.

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TheSuperior 2283d ago

Max Payne 3 looks really good. Ive read a bunch of reviews on it and i think i want to get it. Can anyone tell me what their favorite part is on the game? Ive got a question ive been pondering in my mind, is the game just as good in single player as it is multiplayer?

TheGrimBunny2283d ago

Yes, and the best part of multiplayer is the customization/abilities and crews with the best mode being Gang Wars hands down.

fastNslowww2282d ago

Noticed that according to the reviewers who downplay the game, it's TOO hard for them. IMO, that's the part of what makes the game so good, it's ditches that simplistic casual crap we see in every other 3rd person shooter. I will admit, there is a learning curve for the controls tho!

evilkillerk2282d ago

I cant wait to try out this game. Ive been pumped for it since the last one.