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"Looks can always be deceiving, and judging a game solely on first impressions is never a good idea; this has never been any more evident than with Futurlab’s Velocity. Initially looking like nothing more than your average shooter, and plagued with the stigma of being a PS Minis title, it’s retro stylings and slow pace did little to endear us – after all shooters are a dime a dozen thanks to the advent of digital distribution. However, after playing Velocity and being sucked in as the title gained momentum, we can safely say this is up there with Sine Mora in terms of brilliance in the shooter genre, and along with Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims as the best Sony’s lackluster PS Minis service has to offer."

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ShadyDevil2281d ago

I never really messed with Mini's but I guess the Vita is the perfect system for them. Might give this one a go