You should have played… Asura’s Wrath

CalmDownTom says, "It can be hard to describe the sheer OTT spectacle of Asura’s Wrath. Instead of trying, I’ll showcase some personal high points. As you work your way through this post, my goal is to make you stop reading and buy it."

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andrewsqual2033d ago

And pay for the ending? Yeah I should have played a game published by people who I am not buying a game off this year. Especially in the wake of free DLC for Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

himdeel2033d ago

The second it pops up at a Redbox near me I'm all over it. Or if I can snag it for less than $8.01 American. Why not for $15 you may ask?! I need that other $6.99 to buy the rest of the games DLC to have the full game.

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2033d ago
BoNeSaW232033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

You couldn't pay me enough to play this QT/Cut-Scene bore fest!
I'm done with Capcom this Gen.

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