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IGN: "I liked Sorcery a lot, but the game doesn’t quite rise to the level that many of us expected with such a lengthy development period. The Workshop should be commended for creating one of the best PlayStation Move games, but I think most gamers will question why and how Sorcery took so long to create. With a short adventure, no replay value and no online functionality to speak of, Sorcery is a one-off. A fun one-off, for sure, but a one-off that likely won’t push PlayStation Move controllers off the shelves."

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sinncross2250d ago

Im actually pretty sad to hear that there is no replay value...

heck, a points, time trial or arena mode would have been great.

Oh well, still looks a solid Move title nonetheless.

Akuma-2250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

I love this game. This is the best motion controlled game available on any system at the moment. I was never a big fan of motion controlled games because I always thought the traditional controller would have been better suited and make things easier to control. I liked the move controls in killzone, resistance , sports championship and a few other titles but majority felt better using traditional controls but sorcery have changed my mind about ps move being a viable option for ease and accurate controls in core games.

Skyward sword would have been better on the wii if it used the retro controller. Sorcery is amazing with its easy and natural feel controls. This game with ps move is more accurate than all wiimote controlled games. A lot of people excuse bad controls and inaccuracies with the wiimote but the ps move doesn't have any issues

jeseth2250d ago

Decent score. I'm really interested anf I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Plus, priced @ $40 ... it is worth taking a chance. We'll see!

mystic862250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Decent score, I'm happy with this.

Wait, IGN gave Medieval Moves a higher rating than Sorcery?!

mushroomwig2250d ago

The sad thing is, a 7.5/10 last generation would have been met with high praise but today it seems frowned upon by todays standards even though it's actually a great score.

dangert122250d ago (Edited 2250d ago )

Too many poor games get high scores so has changed the playing field in theeyes of many

I don't know I tend to find IGN abit bias cod always seems to get good scores for visuals and sound effects when it no longer should IMO not without ugrades to the engine it makes no sense as other games are flying past it there so for them to still remain at that height is a little off imo

neutralgamer192250d ago

Very true. Many games that were touted to amazing games ranging from 8's to 10's ended up being mediocre too me.

However i tend to have the same taste in games as ign.

2250d ago
Nunchez2250d ago

Well 7.5 is good but I really expected it to get a bit higher.

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