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From the creators of Warhawk (2007) comes Starhawk, a first person shooter adventure that is set in the distant future and transforms gamers into protagonist and unlikely hero, Emmett Graves. With mankind almost on the brink of extinction, there only hope lies with the last precious resource of the universe, Rift Energy. Unfortunately this commodity is tainted and with it comes the death of endless humans.

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Zha1tan2282d ago

Sony are so stupid for not promoting/marketing this game more.

It really deserves it.

VonBraunschweigg2282d ago

You're right, but on the other hand: as much as it is pure fun, Starhawk is not for the masses like CoD is. There's a lot to learn, winning takes more thinking and strategy than your avarage shooter.
And there's plenty of people playing, every mode on every map. I think there's a special audience for this game that knows it's finally here and will keep it alive for years, just like Warhawk. The avarage shooter usually only lives untill the sequel arrives in 1 or 2 years.

PR_FROM_OHIO2282d ago

I can't stop playing this game is fucking awesome! If this game fails Sony should be Ashamed of them selves for not promoting this game!!!! SMH