The Uncanny Valley Of Digital Cleavage

Here at eGamer we pride ourselves on delivering good wholesome family entertainment for everyone. With cerebral thought provoking articles about games and gaming culture. We would never ever resort to posting a nice pair of digital jubblies (aka breasts) to impress you. Okay who are we kidding?

It seems that most game developers have reached the uncanny valley with games becoming more and more photo realistic, where they pushing boundaries, graphical limits, and realism. But it seems the developers have reached one major hurdle in the quest for the uncanny valley and realism, and that would the breasts. Yes, the breast physics in games. More often than not, breasts take on a life of their own and forgo the natural law of physics. A good example of this would be Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2 and Soulcalibur, both of which have breasts with minds of their own.

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