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Scott Emslie writes: "I’m not one of the old guard of video-gaming. I’m one of the Mega Drive generation, weaned on a diet of blue hedgehogs and movie tie-in games. As such, there are entire eras of gaming that I was too young to appreciate and in these eras came the dungeon-crawler. Not the dungeon-crawler that we all now know and love, the Diablo, Torchlight and Titan Quest loot-em-ups, but instead the 1980′s crawler, the first-person perspective hike through dungeons crammed with fiercely complex puzzles and even fiercer creatures. The dungeon-crawler of old had no such nonsense as mini-maps in-game. No, in the good old days, you had to sit down and manually map your own progress through the dungeon, scrawling every corridor onto a sheet of A4 before continuing. Legend of Grimrock is a modern take on this genre and is paean to the gaming tropes of old."

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