The 8 best brotherly rivalries in gaming

Gamesradar writes: Brotherly rivalries permeate all forms of popular entertainment, and videogames are no exception. All brothers have some degree of rivalry between them, but not nearly to this extent. From male siblings who despise each other to the core, to bitter enemies who don’t even know that they’re related by blood, there are plenty of in-game rivalries between competitive bros.

We’ve collected eight of our favorite fighting brothers for you – and tattling to mother about how “he hit me” won’t do these hermanos any good.

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aDDicteD2317d ago

all of those titles are blockbuster, so does that mean that if you have a brotherly bad blood in the story it'll be successful? ^_^

Hicken2316d ago

More like they only went after the popular ones. I'm sure there are some less "blockbuster" sibling rivalries out there (Xenosaga comes to mind) that could have made the list.

And Sephiroth and Cloud don't count. Not to me. As much as Cloud, Zack, and the others may be considered "clones," they're more like derivative products or failed duplicates. None of Sephiroth's "clones" are genetically the same as him: they all have their own genes that have been altered to be more LIKE Sephiroth in an attempt to recreate that success.


Pozzle2316d ago

I wish more had happened with the Vergil/Dante rivalry. So much potential...