GTA 5: How it could change the way online gaming works forever

GTA expert David Houghton argues Rockstar have been dropping hints for years.

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BABYLEG2163d ago (Edited 2163d ago )

Picking up prostitutes in team deathmatch FTW.

Trenta272163d ago

MP3's Gang Wars mode is amazingly fun. Rockstar is dead set on changing multiplayer and I'm all for that. As for the rest of the stuff in this article, Rockstar has always uped their game in everything they do. GTA IV was more of a tech demo for their engine. It was enjoyable, but sometimes it just became boring. They then took that success and made RDR and MP3. If they continue, GTA V should be incredible.

Also, co-op GTA? Count me in!

Tornadobounce2162d ago

I wish the free roam Constantly got updated with new events or new weather. How cool would it be jumping into a game, jumping in a car and hearing that a tornado was inbound or a mob of hari krishnas was rampaging through the city or something.