Worst attempts to appeal to bro gamers

Gamesradar writes: Poor bros. We’re pretty hard on them. They get blamed for everything from in-game advertising to unwanted multiplayer to roster updates masquerading as sequels. Whenever a title has an energy drink tie-in or a vapid female character, we tend to be quick with the accusations of bro-ification - but take a look back and you’ll realize that bros have sidestepped the most egregious crap lobbed at them.

BMX? Mountain Dew? Bros don’t care about that stuff. Bros like ESPN, Russell Crowe and swimsuit issues. If publishers were serious about chasing the bro dollar there’d already be three Entourage video games and a Gladiator MMO. So we now offer you nine instances of bro-pandering that failed to spark the imaginations of bros everywhere, and the bro-tastrophes we narrowly avoided.

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banana4202312d ago

bmx xxx was a descent bmx game.

falcon2622312d ago

same here. And the entourage series is f'in great. Not all the seasons but at least the first 3.
I'm not all that knowledgeable on the "bro scene" but someone told me they enjoy things with a "homo-erotic" link to them. Most of the stuff in the article is just junk enjoyed by the prepubescent audience.