Diehard GameFAN: Kickstart My Heart

DHGF: while now, but gamers as a whole didn’t take notice until the one-two punch of Double Fine Adventure and Wasteland 2. As a big proponent of indie gaming and small publishers over the mega-corps currently dominating the industry, I had been happily funding projects via Kickstarter for roughly a year before the current trend. I love seeing so many gamers happily funding games directly and so many dev teams trying to use grass root campaigns to get their game out to the world instead of using companies like THQ and EA…who may have deep pockets, but also don’t have the best reputation for quality and/or ethics. What I hope to do with this column each week is highlight new and interesting projects that you may find worthy of giving your hard earned cash to instead of yet another sequel.

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Lucario2192d ago

I really hope this becomes a regular article.