The Thin Line Between Great and Generic Games

Crave Online writes: In the business of big game development, there is a very thin line between games that are great and those that are generic. This is apparent when evaluating the qualities of mega-blockbuster Mass Effect 3. While lauded as one the greatest games of its generation, Mass Effect 3’s weaknesses show that the distance between amazing and average isn’t that far. One game’s lucky gamble is another’s stupid gimmick.

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Fishy Fingers2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Has the "generic" become so over used by the vocabulary deprived gaming collective that it's now nothing but a derogative term?

Generic games can be great. Great games can be generic. We need a new buzz work.

Son_Lee2282d ago

Sometimes the idea is more important than the execution, sometimes the execution is more important than the idea. It's a constantly adaptive philosophy that changes from original IP to sequel, fluctuating with anticipation, word of mouth, etc.

It's honestly simple and complicated at the same time.

SageHonor2282d ago

A rare smart comment on this website