8 Reasons Why Black Ops 2 Has Us Excited

Franchise fatigue be damned, the new Call of Duty looks promising.

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JoGam2313d ago

Im sorry but I just can't get excited about anymore COD at the moment. Just the name Call of Duty gives me a head ache. smh

killcycle2313d ago

Same here, except mine was since cod4:mw

I didn't get led into buying waw, mw2,mw3,b0 or quantum.

But what i would really enjoy more of on N4G is seeing less cod articles with extreme heat and more quality.

hiredhelp2313d ago

For the record i was being sarcastic.

hiredhelp2313d ago (Edited 2313d ago )

Sorry for thoes who disagree but everybody has there own tastes my taste of call of dury starts from the roots with cod and united offence.
Now its gone from captureing the essence of the name CALL OF DUTY term from witch any man can be called up to fight for his country.
Perks is what attracted the millions perks what made this game arcade, you know what thats fine its ok now even with zombies but for god sake take out the words call of duty.

The Meerkat2313d ago

Because it will leave Halo 4 free from 12 years old racists and homophobes.

Detoxx2313d ago

Hope they'll leave BF to

RioKing2313d ago

Halo? Free from 12 year olds? lol, you're funny ;)

MacDonagh2313d ago

I did enjoy Blops, but I wished they'd take a little break which will unfortunately never happen because that would mean sacrificing their market-share to other IPs.

pandehz2313d ago

It has the cheesiest trailer ever.

Scene broooooooaooooooorrrr(from inception, transformers and 200 others this year), running scene broaaaaaaaaaaaaaor , jumping, shooting again brooooooooooooooooaaaaarr

Sad graphics, artstyle looks terrible. Looks like future toys(does not look like weapons, so frickin blocky and clunky looking) in a past looking world.

K now waiting on fan backlash