8 Games That Were Delayed Yet Turned Out Great

CO writes: We received the sad news this week that Irrational Games was delaying the release of BioShock Infinite into early 2013. The company wants more time to fine tune the experience and make it as perfect as possible. It’s a respectable and justifiable business decision, even if we have to bite our tongues and shake our fists to admit it.

This news also got us thinking about past games that experienced serious delays yet turned out to be exceptional. The list below was born out of that strenuous brainstorming session. So here are eight games where a delay in release actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

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Waddy1012247d ago

It's sad that unfortunately Duke Nukem can't make it into that list.

cyborg472247d ago

Duke Nukem turned out great?!

Waddy1012246d ago

Whilst Duke Nukem was a fun game it just didn't live up to the years of hype.

Blastoise2247d ago

Good list, all great games. Heres hoping The last guardian, Ni no kuni and FF VS XIII are worth the wait