DICE has Frostbite-powered titles for 2013 that "will require a 64-bit OS"

Battlefield developer DICE has its own fancy engine technology that goes by the name Frostbite 2, and now the studio teases that some 2013 titles using it will need a 64-bit OS.

It's a "great opportunity to upgrade" to Windows 8, says DICE rendering architect Johan Andersson. The majority of PC users don't use 64-bit, but do PC gamers? Let's hope so.

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Orpheus2316d ago

Cool this implies the game will use >> 2GB ram at its minimum settings. I guess the textures will be uber cool.

Pain_Killer2316d ago

Hey Orpheus! I guess you're talking about GPU's VRAM here because that's what load the textures, system memory doesn't affects/improves texture rendering much. :p

Amazingmrbrock2316d ago

Windows 8 doesn't seem appealing to mm. Features, looks, the whole thing seems like it was designed for a touch interface.

I know their trying to make a next gen ui but so far I think linux and apple are going in better directions than windows.

If the steam support valves working on catches on with more companies I will definitely be switch over to that. The new gnome interface is looking kind of neat, and the ubuntu one isn't too bad either.

SilentNegotiator2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

It's only a matter of time, BUT....I'd put my money on this being more of a marketing thing than some games next year being SUPER UBER AWESOME not being held back doooooood.

Tachyon_Nova2316d ago

Upgrade to Windows 8? No thanks, and I'm not sure upgrade is the right term given my experience with the Win 8 RC I tried. Good thing I already have 64 bit Windows 7 on my machine.

DA_SHREDDER2316d ago

Those who haven't bought a sick rig will probably want to hold off a bit and save tons of money cause comps always come pre-installed windows. 8 Being the newest would obviously have some kind of positive impact. Especially in the tab market.

wallis2316d ago

Yeah windows 8 is not an upgrade. It has less features than before... Microsoft's logic is almost as though they'd remove wheels from a bicycle so you didn't have to get out of breath peddling everywhere. Computers break and from hidden folders to UAC whenever microsoft try to make things safer, or easier, it actually just gets in the way for people who do know what they're doing to fix what's wrong. I know what system 32 does you twats you don't have to hide it from me like aspirin from a four year old.

And I generally figured most gaming rigs were 64x anyway. Which ones aren't nowadays? 2gb of ram stopped being a a high amount to have around about the time of half life 2 so I don't see why it'd be better now. I just hope Dice puts out mirror's edge 2 - original games from EA's corner is a nice surprise. Like a dog meowing or Satan praying.

Gamer19822316d ago

Windows 8 is made for Tablet users first and foremost general users should stick with windows 7.

ninjahunter2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Excelent. Narrow down the target systems for a better experience.

Also according to valve 60% of PC gamers running windows (win7/vista) are using 64bit. As well as over 50% sporting at least 4 gigs of ram. I would think a large majority of people interested in such a game would be up to snuff.

Besides, 32bit needs to die off.

Orpheus2316d ago

Yeah 32 bit does need to die ... and PC gamers/devs will kill it.

Solid_Snake372316d ago

32 bit is ancient compared to some beast 64 bit pcs I have seen

ItsMeAgain2316d ago

I find your pic rather funny for this topic. Lmao.

Voxelman2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

It's about time we got rid of that crappy limitation. Cache all the game data in my 8GB of RAM in that background so I don't have to see loading screens or popin please. This should mean that the C&C: G2 will have massive highly detailed maps

Gamer19822316d ago

It is ridiculous yet so many pieces of software and games are coming out these days still without 64 bit support.

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