Girls like Pokémon too...But why is there so many?

Weeseeinpixels writes: "One of the best ways to stay entertained during a long car ride with friends is to see if you can remember all 150 Pokémon. I know what you’re thinking. “That’s a lie. Girls don’t like Pokémon. Besides, there are 649 Pokémon; rookie mistake.”"

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YamiHoshi2280d ago

Nice opinion, but the title is actually pretty irrelevant to the actual story.
I mean, the title is about girls playing Pokémon, while the story explains how it's unfair there are more and more Pokémon, of which you can't obtain all of them.
But I Approved this, anyway.

KiLLeRCLaM2280d ago

Girls don't like Pokémon..You mean girls like to get poked :P

Rupee2280d ago

Title makes no sense... Think it's the bad grammar.

chanmasta2280d ago

*But why are there so many?