GT Editor Speaks Up

Earlier GameTrailers caused an uproar with their confession in regards to how they video capture for multiplatform games from the PlayStation 3. Daniel Bloodworth, an Associate Editor of GameTrailers, protested that:

"...we currently cannot capture in HDMI. The handshaking prohibits us from doing it, and there is currently not a satisfactory solution. We will gladly do so when we can. All comparison vids are done in 720p through component cables. The equipment and settings we use for each system are identical..."

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Meus Renaissance3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

My viewpoint has changed somewhat on this. I sympathise that they cannot capture the HDMI output so they're forced to use a method that will give detrimental results on part of one console. However what it doesn't excuse is that no disclaimer, or no reference to this crucial fact in the difference between the two, was ever given or state in the entire year of doing these video comparisons - thus giving the impression that a game looked considerably better on one platform than it did on another. I say 'considerable' because it is a known fact that alot of these early multiplatform games looked better on the Xbox 360. However, GT's comparisons have usually shown a gulf of a difference which was unfair, and in especially in the midst of credibility being an issue in the gaming industry, possibly a massive blow to their own stature.

GameTrailers now do not know where they stand with this as whether or not they should continue the comparisons, and if they decide to, how they will regain a form of credibility once more. If they cannot compare to show each platform at its fullest capability, then they shouldn't compare at all let alone accept giving one platform the short end of the stick just to appease the fact that another platform doesn't have that feature.

Someone said it on another forum; "Your comparisons are good for causuals, but not for gamers." Except casual gamers don't go and look for video comparisons of a multiplatform game to decide which platform/version to buy.

The fundamental point of a comparison, and I cannot emphasise this enough, is to show each game at its fullest capability. Just like when they reviewed Crysis, although hardly anyone has a PC to run that game, they still reviewed it at the highest resolution and graphical settings.

So why not do that with the PlayStation 3?

jtmill073959d ago

VERY WELL PUTT Meus Renaissance.

jackdoe3959d ago

Actually, they didn't. You could tell from the Crysis review. Looked horrible. It was in low settings.

Meus Renaissance3959d ago

If you watch the video review in HD, at the 5min40second mark, they state that if you run it at the highest of settings, you'll get some framerate and sluggish gameplay and that actually shows in the video review. So I assume they put it as high of a setting possible, with it actually being playable so it didn't crash their PC.

VirusE3959d ago

The highest possible setting and the highest setting are clearly two differnt things in crysis. They could have run it at higher setting with better components and more tweaking. The vid 100% does not look like they are running it on very high. They traded graphic quality for higher res which takes a lot away from crysis. Very high at 720p looks better than high at 1080p due to all the extra shaders. It clearly looks like high. Those who have played it on very high could easily pick up on this.

kevoncox3959d ago

The bottom line is...
It's 720p vs 720p and the playstation 3 still loses. Stop using this as an excuse. Texture details will not increase like you want it to by moving to 1080p. The ps3 is losing (for now) when comparing it as you would for settings that 75% of all HDTVs are restricted to. The fact is poly count, chracters on screen and texture quality is tumped.

travelguy2k3959d ago

Thanks for quoting me about "casual gamers do looking for compaisons..." you did a better job of getting my point across, lol...bubble for you.

VirusE3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Kev the color difference between rgb and HDMI is noticeable.

On a side not if you are trying to prove a point and want to be taken seriously diving into fan boy drivel will not help your cause. The games on both systems are fun. Most people play games for fun not graphics. Crysis graphically kills all games on both the ps3 and the 360 yet going by the sales not many seem to care. Graphics only come into play for people like you when you (a fanboy) can proudly boast that the graphics of you personal possession beat someone else’s so you are better than they are. If the ps3 comes out with a game that destroys everything on 360 you will then revert into "it’s about game play anyway" mode. This is no different than what the ps2 fanboys did with the ps3. PS 2 was about game play and the advantage the xbox had over the ps2 graphically was irrelevant due to game play. Funny thing is those same fan kids now talk about how the 360 sucks because the ps3 has better gfx. It all comes back to ego and the human desire to look better than others even in the most irrelevant of arenas.

Peekay3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

No - you don't have a clue. Textures may not become better, but there sure as hell look better. Here:

Point is, these are the guys that are supposed to know more than us, yet they keep fvuckn it up. If the 360 defaults it at full RGB, then so should the Ps3 depending on what type of t.v they use.

hazeblaze3959d ago

Actually, you're the one without a clue. The point is not whether it's 720p or upscaled to 1080i/p. The point is that even at 720p the PS3 produces a better picture if you use hdmi and set the rgb & superwhite settings to take advantage of the better picture that hdmi cables provide. Period.

Also, it's been nearly a year since any game looked better on the 360 anyway... so no, the PS3 is not losing in any case. The point is that a lot of the games actually end up looking BETTER on the PS3 when used to its full capacity. Hell, we've even seen some that look better on the PS3 with these 'low level' settings recently, and that's saying something!

VirusE3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Haze I was totally digging what you said until you blew all of your credibility out the door with this statement "Also, it's been nearly a year since any game looked better on the 360 anyway"

Funny, I remember playing the darkness over the summer, is the planet getting closer to the sun or something? I thought a year was 12 months long? The ps 3 didn’t start having better multi plat gfx until cod 4 in my opinion. That was just a month or so ago. I know, I know; you only own and play a ps3 so you don’t know better.

ban fans3959d ago

because I was right with YOU until you last line of "you only own and play a PS3 so you don't know any better".

Oh, the irony of it all!

kevoncox3959d ago

Gametrailers aren't the only ones saying the games look better. You have Ign, Gamespot and all of the other review sites telling you which looks better so far.

Who do i trust,
Ign, gamespot
Some random forum guy complaining about the smallest difference of the same game on two different consoles. Just let it go, is a blad of grass really worth all of this. Show me a review of a game that looks better on the ps3 that was released this fall. Things are now starting to equal up. Just let it go. If game trailers was the only sorce of evidence then so be it but you have all of the other review sites pounding it into your head.

PoetTree3959d ago

.... how is it giving the shaft to "one" system -- to have them both connected in the same way, running at identical resolutions & on the very same TV? Would that not be the positively most equitable way to do it?

Sorry, I really don't see how you think GameTrailers is giving PS3 the shaft on this one. If they were running the XBox at 720p and the PS3 at 480p, then I think you'd have a point. But that they hook each system up in the very same way, using the very same kind of connection, at the very same resolution... and the XBox version almost always comes out looking better... is in no way giving the shaft to Sony.

That's an equitable comparison, that so far, the 360 is winning. I don't get your beef.

undacovabrothe3959d ago

All I got to say is BRAVO!!!!

VirusE3959d ago

Bans you are taking my comment out of context. That was not a slam on ps3 owners but single system fanboys who have no desire to even play another system. You can’t compare something you have never tried so a single system owner who is also a fanboy has no point of reference. I only own a ps3 at them moment but I have owned all 3, follow all 3 and equally respect all 3.

Thanks for jumping to conclusions though.

TheIneffableBob3959d ago

The GameTrailers Crysis review was done on medium settings on an Intel Core 2 Duo (forgot which model), an NVIDIA GeForce 8600GTS, and 2GB of RAM at, I think, 1280x720 resolution. (This machine would be placed around the low-end of the mid-range spectrum.)

BrianC62343959d ago

I say dump comparisons. Who cares? If the PS3 version looks bad next to the 360 version most of the time it was just a lazy port. If someone has both consoles and wants to know which to buy then rent both and see which you like better. I doubt right now the difference is much anyway. A year from now the PS3 could start looking a lot better. But then, that's only if the game is made for the PS3.

I think they only do these comparisons to stir up controversy.

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THC CELL3959d ago

in other words they best stop doing it then

Lord Anubis3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

"We do these comparisons so that users can get an idea which build of the game is running better."

if the PS3 is not running at the maximum it defeats the purpose of the comparison. They are limiting the system.

Not only to 1080p games since all their video as done in 720p so if a game is running on 1080p on PS3 and 720 on the other than it means that game looses the advantage which defeats the purpose of the comparison.

SoulReaper3959d ago

Agreed.. GT need to do all the video again..and not hold back the PS3 power..

allatain3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

"All comparison vids are done in 720p through component cables" as quoted by BloodworthGT

I Run on Component cables on my PS3, WITH THE RGB ON FULL.
It runs, it works, I've played Uncharted, Resistance on 720p and they work with the Component cables. If you don't believe me you can all try it out on your PS3s, it works and there is no excuse that GT can't get the right capture with it.

BrownPowerzz3959d ago

..since the PS3 doesn't have many games running above native 720p

allatain3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

If you think that PS3 games don't run on 720p, you are one of three things
1) Ignorant
2) can't read
3) a 360 Fanboy trying to create flames
If you can actually defend your position, I'll be surprised

Bzone243959d ago

I don't see where NorwegianSalvation said that PS3 games don't run on 720p. He said "since the PS3 doesn't have many games running above native 720p" with "above" being the keyword. So allatain, you are one of the following three things.
1) Ignorant
2) can't read
3) a Sony Fanboy trying to create flames
If you can actually defend your position, I'll be surprised

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

man up, b!tches.

your FUD pushing has been EXPOSED.

Shigeru Miyamoto3959d ago

Gametrairers have been caught led handed,huhuha!

kenjix3959d ago

Gametrailers is dead to me :P