GTA V: 10 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited

Grand Theft Auto is probably one of the world’s most recognised games, right up there with other righteous games like Pac-Man and Tetris. Okay, it might not be as revolutionary or pinnacle, but it’s as impactful as you’re going to get for modern day gaming, however, after already having four of these games about stealing cars is having a fifth one outstaying its welcome? Definitely not!

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DasTier2315d ago

I'd rather have the sequel to Red Dead Redemption :(

RedDragan2315d ago

After the crap they gave us the last two times I would rather not bother with their games.

Zha1tan2315d ago

One reason why im not: GTA IV

Kinger89382315d ago

Totally agree! Hope they realise what the fans want!

And we have another 10 reasons 'this' article

Razmossis2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

GTA IV is the main reason you should be more excited for GTA V more than any other that came before.

Don't you see? GTA IV was their bad game... it's done now, out of the way, behind us.
With GTA IV, R* finally felt some backlash from fans, something they've never really had before. They now know exactly what people think is fun and what is boring.
Those who have played The Ballad of Gay Tony know that R* have already begun to learn from there mistakes with GTA IV. More hope is added whenever you consider the possibly of a RDR style multiplayer!
We can already see from the trailer that they have added a lot more things to do, to keep us entertained, plus the fact that the map will have variety and sunshine as opposed to the endless grey of GTA IV should be a lot more appealing.

The main point is, R* made mistakes with GTA IV because nobody had told them not to. Now that the fans have slapped them on the head and said 'NO'! They wont be making those mistakes again.

YodaCracker2315d ago

The highest rated game of the last decade is Rockstar's "bad game"? Wow, they must be godlike developers then!

Razmossis2315d ago


Someone would have to bring up review scores.
By your logic GTA4 is the best of them all then yes? or of all time, yes?

You must be aware of GTA4's bad rep for being 'the boring one'? The comment in which I was originally replying to should be as much of an indication of that as you need. Or even the fact that there is an article that is basically reading 'bring back the fun stuff'!

And please read between the lines, I didn't outright call it a bad game (that would imply I am someone who dislikes it. I don't), I called it 'their' bad game, meaning, by R* North's standards, or by the standards of other GTA games.
And by the standards of other GTA games, GTA4 was the worst, this is not only my opinion, but seemingly the consensus of the internet community. And for this reason, I believe GTA V will be a better game.


koh2315d ago

I'd be thrilled if every other company's best game was as good as Rockstar's "bad" game then.

Zha1tan2315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

Sorry but review scores mean absolutely nothing, wether or not it is good is subjective.

I dont like it because after the main missons, what was there to do in that game? nothing, they took out all the fun extras like planes etc were you could spend hours for sake of what? realism?

Seriously their character Niko was the worst yet in GTA, those constant phonecalls were supposed to be fun minigames?

San andreas was a far better game:
a) There's more to do.
b) You can fly airplanes
c) Jetpacks
d) Gambling
e) More side missions
f) Bigger cities
g) Experience system ( Health, driving skill, etc)
h) You can level your character up and extensively modify CJ to your own tastes.
j) your appearance would change based on diet and exercise
k) straight arcade is alot more fun than semi realisim
L) GT IVs aesthetic was very bland and boring and dull.

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hennessey862315d ago

so I don't see why I won't love this one to

nevin12315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

1. I agree with Zha1tan and Kinger8938. GTA 4 was a letdown for me as I enjoyed 3, vice city, san andreas, lcs and vcs. red dead redemption was boring too.

2. Will someone list the 10 reasons as I aint clicking through 10 pages.

danieldeath2315d ago

Click Next page site are irritating.

nik666uk2315d ago

Open world games are as good as YOU make them! If u have no imagination then u won't get much out of them, stick to corridor shooters instead!

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