6 Anticipated Video Games That Are Still Missing In Action

What Culture writes: Long before Duke Nuken Forever became the embarrassing drunken uncle at the wedding, it gestated in the neverlands of Development Hell, establishing itself as the Chinese Democracy of videogames for the current generation. Sure, most of us suspected – rightly – that it would be an abomination, but all the while as we waited, a few of us clung to hope that it might not be the disastrous outing it turned out to be. Announced way back in 1997(!) it finally arrived in June of 2011 in truly desperate style, like a half-baked 80’s rock reunion to the dismay of just about everyone. Currently it stands as the most delayed game ever, though if things continue as they have been, the following six titles are certainly in the process of giving Duke a run for his money.

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FlashXIII2311d ago

Is FF Versus really all that anticipated? With Square Enix's current run of form, I have little faith it'll be up to the standard set by former FF games.

HarryMasonHerpderp2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

I recently went back to playing FFXII on the PS2
and i know a lot of people don't like it and i
can see why but it is a much much better game than FFXIII.

I can remember the voice acting in FFX was a little
off to say the least lol it had some great voice
acting in it though such as Auron and seymour but
with FFXII they improved it by a long shot and also
created one of my favourite FF characters Balthier.
Everyone just seemed to sound a lot more realistic
and natural.

Anyway to the point does anybody else think they took a massive step back in voice acting in FFXIII? It just turned into whinny anime clichés with over
the top and awkward pauses in between sentences.

RedDead2311d ago


Also, Flash, you are right to be skeptical on it. but just look at a list of features on the game and see why we're hopeful. Also, the style/art and music are awesome so for although I don't really like the new character designs(Open top on muscle guy, please close it or give me the option to, And Nocts new cloths are very fuggly)

The Meerkat2311d ago

I couldn't give a FF about any FF game.

I'd like to hear more on Too Human 2.

SuperLupe2311d ago

Though Too Human was just ok a Too Human Too would have massive potential. It was planned to be a trilogy and even if the game flopped critically it still had decent sales. They should give it another try.

TheLyonKing2311d ago

thing that gets me intrested in ff is that its got classic ff thigns like a world map and airships bu tit has new elements similar to kingdom hearts.

This kind of gameplay mashup sounds really good :)