10 Worst Video Game ”Limited Editions”

What Culture runs down the ten worst limited/special/collectors editions that gamers have wasted their money on.

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Squall50052248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

That Alone In The Dark model is just dreadful. He's yellow?! It looks like Homer Simpson in a wig

FinaLXiii2248d ago (Edited 2248d ago )

Yeah pretty lame editions but i dont get why any of call of duty ones arent on the list.

ExCest2248d ago

Those night-vision goggles are pretty fun. The RC car though? Meh...

Good thing I didn't buy 'em.

Kran2248d ago

Alan Wake's was decent.

It was only £60 in the UK for Xbox 360.

The game would be priced at £40 on standard edition, so that leaved an extra £20 for features. What you got was:

A limited edition book that detailed a lot behind the backstory of Alan Wake. A VERY instresting read.

Behind-the-scenes stuff

The soundtrack

Items for your Xbox 360

A nice casing

£20 for all that? Sure :)

TehKingofFools2248d ago

I got all that for £40 on release at GAME. It was a great limited edition too, I'll give you that.