El33t Tip: How to use PS Vita's web browser while playing a game

Tom at El33tonline writes:

"The PS Vita may be a very powerful device but certain basic tasks like being able to use its web browser while a game is running in the background are not allowed on the current firmware. Thankfully there’s a way around this particular annoyance which I’m going to outline for you today."

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Akuma-2249d ago

Press the ps home button and launch web browser on vita then boot up whatever game you want to play on your ps3.

GraveLord2249d ago

Nice try troll but PS3 doesn't play Vita games.
For example you can't play Golden Abyss or Escape Plan on it.

Reported you btw.

Akuma-2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

Do you know I'm a big fan of the vita and I was joking? Calm down. You can report me as many time as you like.

TheDivine2249d ago

Some games let me pause it and go online but now none do? I cant even pause psp games and use the browser. Even the 3ds lets you do this, im baffled really.