Cracking open the XBox 360 Elite

CNET Networks' TechRepublic runs a regular series called "Cracking Open" in which it takes a look inside a variety of gadgets. CNET is publishing this excerpt.

Today's dismembered piece of advanced electronics is the Microsoft XBox 360 Elite. Here it is in its natural state.

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heyheyhey3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

hope you didnt burn yourself- oh and did you find a little creature in there that has been whispering M$ corporate bullsh!t in peoples ears:

"haaaalo is a revolution, you will get an 'MGS killer', DAMN ITS HOT GET ME OUTTA HERE"


hypocritical and it was just a joke chill

power of Green 3963d ago

You know you have problems when you spew random anti anything BULLSHIT for no reason.

rofldings3963d ago

Kind of like you on PS3 related threads?

chelseafc3963d ago

power of green u want my gamer tag spartan 117 79 will meeat on cod4 360

TwissT3962d ago

They should have shown the fan, I wanna know how big it is...

CNIVEK3962d ago

How did this get approved? The Elite has been "cracked open" already...more than once; it's been out since last summer. This is so old, it's sad.

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