Overkill announces co-operative initiative between Payday: The Heist and Left 4 Dead

Ulf Andersson, Game Director at OVERKILL, has released the following statement:

“As perceptive gamers will have noticed, several hints have recently been dropped into PAYDAY The Heist, which has led to various rumors. We are excited to be able to confirm that an in-depth collaboration between OVERKILL and Valve is currently in production.

We are working on a very cool blend of PAYDAY and Left 4 Dead. I am sure it is so exciting that it will have some players check into the hospital before we are done.”

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THC CELL2194d ago

This could be good,payday was ok, i liked the idea

WeskerChildReborned2194d ago

This is gonna be interesting due to Payday being a PSN/windows title and Left 4 Dead being a 360/windows title.

acemonkey2194d ago

payday i just got done playin it for awhile to get plat in it... i heard payday DLC will have some left 4 dead stuff like poster of zoey and health backpacks

BlueTemplar2194d ago

Because that's one of the platforms it was developed for?

Not really sure what you're asking.

black9112193d ago

How did I get 6 disagrees??? I was jsut asking how is the PS3 version beacuseI heard its on PC aswell and I only own a PS3.

DJLB21152194d ago

Payday is a great game especially for the price. Fun multiplayer w friends or making new ones. Very challenging, especially if ur trying to get a platinum trophy. Idk about this one "mix w left 4 dead thing" tho

Dark_Overlord2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

The only really challenging trophy I'd say is Heat Street, that requires major co-operation. The rest weren't too hard :)

Overkill 145+ is challenging (God I hate them cloakers)

EDIT - And I agree with you, definitely a great game :)

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