Apple announces MacBook Air, HD movie rentals, Apple TV 2.0 at Macworld keynote

Steve Jobs took the stage this morning at the Macworld Conference & Expo to exhort the Mac faithful and announce a handful of new products.

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PS360WII3984d ago

that's a thin Macbook right there

Adamalicious3984d ago

It's definitely really cool - especially for people who are on the go a lot. Personally, if I needed to upgrade from my current notebook, I'd probably wait for the inevitable MacBook refresh around May or so which I assume with have the aluminum/glass case, backlit keyboard, LED backlit screen, new trackpad etc of the Air.

Mr Pumblechook3984d ago

is the macworld being shown live on the internet?

because i would like to watch

Cat3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

you could have watched the liveblogs, but it's over now. :(

Adamalicious3984d ago

It's not broadcast live, but you could have followed the liveblogs. You should be able to watch the recording at a little later today!

VirusE3984d ago

Macbook air + virus ti snow = 5lb recording studio with some serious balls. I'll take mine with windows installed please.

whoelse3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

Apple are so mean. They are forcing iPod touch owners who want the extra features to PAY $20 when you can buy one now with the features already installed. Not only that, but iPhone owners get the update for free.


Adamalicious3984d ago

How exactly are they forcing them to pay it? At iGun point?

whoelse3984d ago

Well they're not giving them for free.

Bonsai12143984d ago

personally, i'm disappointed with the air's one usb port. other than that, its one slick machine. though chances are i won't get one until much later in its lifetime.

i'm much more excited with time capsule because its wireless n, and it allows for wireless backing up of time machine.

PlayStation3603983d ago

I'm with ya on that Time capsule. I'm eyeing that 1TB version.:)