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Robert Cram, MSXbox World: "Dragon's Dogma isn't the perfect video game; I have to get that out there from the offset for anyone thinking it to be the holy grail of action adventure gaming - it's not. As Capcom's tentative foray into a realm not as popular as its more established franchises, the Japanese publisher adopts the styling of its Devil May Cry games, and dare I say Resident Evil, but opts to cast it into the dressings of a westernised role playing game to suit a more diligent set of gaming tastes. Whilst it might be easy to conduct this review in comparison to the likes of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls games, I think it's perhaps a bit premature to do so, and slightly unfair. You see, Dragon's Dogma is a game that offers some compelling gaming for those willing to overlook a few niggles along the way. It's a game that will perhaps tear at the wants and desires of those looking for an open world action game, and others wanting a fully fledged RPG with deep and engrossing story l...

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bunt-custardly2316d ago

Very informative, fair review.

OcelotRigz2315d ago

Yeah, very good review indeed.

This game really sounds good, never thought it would do so well, came out of nowhere for me.
If i wasnt so busy with Max Payne and Demon Souls (then Dark Souls), this would be a day one buy.