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Critical Gamer writes: PS3 exclusive Warhawk was something akin to a third person Battlefield, with the destructible scenery swapped for a sprinkle of sci-fi tech. Starhawk – more reinvention than sequel – adds heavy elements of Star Wars and even Transformers into the mix. With online battles involving a maximum of 32 players, this is a title bursting with potential from every angle. Have LightBox Interactive delivered? Yes – for the most part.

Unlike Warhawk, Starhawk features a dedicated singleplayer campaign mode. We won’t give this much attention, as it’s basically a four hour-plus tutorial with a clichéd, distinctly unremarkable story attached. Nonetheless we strongly recommend tackling this before any other mode; it does an excellent job of showing off the huge maps (though there are smaller versions of each available online), explaining the ‘build ‘n battle’ system, and subtly introducing you to tactical considerations that will come in handy when going up against other p...

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