4 Things To Look Out For After Dragon's Dogma Releases

GP Editor Jared outlines four things that players should look out for after Dragon's Dogma releases and whether or not they'll impact the game in the long run.

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MysticStrummer2250d ago

"Dragon's Dogma isn't exactly reviewing spectacularly at the moment. While there are only four or five reviews out at the moment (at the time of this writing), Dragon's Dogma is currently holding a 75% average on"

Sites like Gamerankings and Metacritic should be ignored. If you've followed the Dragon's Dogma reviews that have appeared on N4G, you've seen that this game has gotten mostly scores in the 8-9 range, which isn't bad at all. Gamerankings and Metacritic have each posted only a small number of these reviews, and each has one low score that drags down the average. On disc DLC isn't much of an issue for me. I'll base my purchasing decision on what it is and how much it costs, not where the data is stored. Most DLC isn't worthy in my book anyway. I definitely agree with the weird looking pawn part of this article. I expect to see mostly either hot women or odd looking creations. My pawn is based on a very cute girl I know who requested to be a mage.