Latest Charts, w/e May 20 – Max Payne 3 takes top spot

STN Writes:

Max Payne 3 has pipped Diablo III in this week’s latest charts, selling just 8000 more units than Activision Blizzards super RPG, although things may have been different had digital sales been counted.

Interestingly, Diablo III becomes the 12th fastest selling PC game in the UK ever, selling more than either of the last 2 Football Manager titles, although thanks to the power of console, Max Payne 3 ruled the roost, with 58% of sales on Xbox 360 and the other 42% for PS3.

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CommonSense2317d ago

"Activision Blizzards super RPG"

umm...what? it's barely an RPG at all. and rockstar deserves the sales...cuz of the two companies, they actually appear to have put a real effort in making a good game.

...instead of releasing an unfinished game that has no imagination beyond the previous installment.

Seafort2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Diablo 3 is one platform of boxed retail sales not including digital compared to 2 platforms for Max Payne 3 on consoles as the PC version isn't even out yet.

Man these sales figures are really screwed up as digital isn't included in their estimates.

And Diablo 3 is a damn good game btw. Enjoy the once PC exlusive Max Payne franchise console gamers.