1UP Previews: Smash Bros. Brawl

1UP writes:

"It's been over a year since we first started hearing concrete news about the game, and a lot has happened since then. Between 24 confirmed characters, over 20 stages, and a steady trickle of information coming from Smash bros. DOJO, the game's official website, the series faithful have had plenty of tidbits to pick over and keep up with. For those of you just catching up now -- or wanting a quick refresher course before February 10th -- we've compiled a list of some of Brawl's landmark moments."

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Iron Man 23655d ago

says xboxman lol who probably plays the same crap over and over *cough*Halo*cough*

SSBB is the game that is going to make me buy a Wii:)

Eamon3655d ago

Halo is not crap. It's a terrific game.

Isn't Brawl delayed to March?

desolationstorm3655d ago

Dont need a quick refresher anymore

Gish3655d ago

I know there were cases of weakhanded players not hanging onto their wiimotes before. But throw in a fighting game and you will get bloody noses and daddy's $3,000 flat panel spider glass.