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Keza MacDonald, IGN: "Capcom’s fantasy RPG Dragon’s Dogma has been a long time coming, and it’s looked more and more interesting every time we’ve seen it, boasting robust action-focussed gameplay and an innovative Pawn system that lets you enlist avatars created by other players to fight alongside you. It often feels like an offline MMO, with a vast, scenic and perilous world to explore and a selection of thousands of characters to choose as your companions. It’s an interesting example of genre and style-mixing within the RPG, pulling in elements of traditional Japanese role-playing and churning them together with action-RPG physicality, open-world adventuring and MMO party tactics.

Dragon’s Dogma regularly reminds you of other games. There are flashes of Dark Souls in the real-time combat, of Skyrim in its open wildernesses, and of Shadow of the Colossus in its large-scale battles. Sometimes, these associations work in Dragon’s Dogma’s favour; other times, they just remind you h...

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DigitalAnalog2251d ago

They seriously need to port this on the PC. Somehow the main gripe is the polish and inconsistent graphics.

Jazz41082251d ago

Wow I'm glad to se the ps3 do well on this. I guess the ps3 is more capable then I give it credit for or the game was dumbed down t support a japanese company as the 360 don't usually have issues with ram or slow down on open world games so I scratch my head. I'm picking this up on 360 and will install it. I will keep you informed if its a noticable diffrence. I could rent the ps3 to see but honestly I really don't care that much if I enjoy the game no matter what system its on.

MariaHelFutura2251d ago

Just because Bethesda had problems w/ FINISHING Skyrim (which works perfectly now BTW) for the PS3 doesn't mean the system has problems w/ open world games or any games for that matter. More RAM would be great obviously, but seeing the games it still cranking out (TLOU and GOW) I don't think the PS3 has any problems that you would need to worry about.

Hicken2250d ago

Shh. You can't tell people that. To them, the PS3 just can't handle open-world games. 256+256 doesn't equal 512 to them, so it's got less RAM than the 360. /s

Myst-Vearn2251d ago

Good review
can't wait for my copy to arrive

kevnb2251d ago

7.5 from ign is pretty brutal, not that their opinion really matters anyway...

Captain Qwark 92251d ago

not really, it just means they actually reviewed it instead of handing it out a 9.

reason it didnt get a 9...
1. they didnt get the exclusive first review
2. its not a big name franchise.

both of those things guarantee a 9 from ign. without them, they actually do their jobs.

7.5 is a good score for a new franchise. ill be buying mine tomorrow still, many many gems can be found at this score range. i also find it to be the range where you get more unique games trying new things.

Drazz2251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

expected a higher score, but i won't cancel my preorder cause of it.

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