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Dragon’s Dogma is hard as nails, that’s a fact. It’s a third-person action bloodfest, but it’s also a deep and impressive RPG which will have you fighting against huge dragons, cyclops, goblins and all manner of other creatures. No matter where you are in this expansive and impressive world, you’ll be in trouble, which is why it’s just as well you have some hired help by your side, fighting for you, protecting you and showing you the way.

Rating: Excellent

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jamstorr862313d ago

IGN have given this 7.5, while everyone else if giving this 85+/100. I wonder what the review score would have been from IGN if Activision had made it?

KozmoOchez2313d ago

I saw a review on metacritic that gave it a 48/100, but there's no link to the full review so I cant read why they thought it was so bad

jamstorr862312d ago

I saw that. think it was from i think the reviewer found the game too hard.