GTA 5 languages will push up file size

InEnt writes: Could we be looking at 50GB plus for the GTA 5 version? One of the reasons file sizes are so much for modern games is thanks to dialogues in many languages, which take up a lot of the games size. We’ve seen some developers, and smart gamers, claim that almost half a games size could be taken up for different languages. This means it’s very likely that GTA 5 will be much bigger than 30GB, and could be over 50GB if there are a lot of language choices.

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danswayuk2311d ago

The PS3 has Blu-ray and the PC can get hard drives real cheap, so this only seems to be a problem for the Xbox 360.

WeskerChildReborned2311d ago

Yea but i hope it's not like 50gb on my PS3 cause that would be insane.

JKelloggs2311d ago

I guess it would be a 50GB disc size? Not a install size tbh :)

Grap2311d ago

it's a problem for PS3 we all played MGS4 and how much that game have to install and.... the loading ahhhh....

Aerie2311d ago

Shouldn't be a problem for the NA version, which will only have English to choose from, most likely. Or should.

Hisiru2311d ago

Well I think youre probably wrong if we look at Max Payne 3 and older games

CultOfPersonality2311d ago

Easy enough for ps3 and pc, looking like a 3 disc job on 360

decrypt2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

Yea but its the gameplay that matters, i would take game performance over anything else. In which case it will look like this:

2.Xbox 360

Personally i am a PC gamer, i dont care about consoles. Though i find it funny how PS3 gamers tend to make an issue over how many disks yet totally overlook performance lol.

Last GTA was better on the 360, so was RDR. Not to say the differences were big, both the consoles were running between 15-25fps niether is playable by my standard, but anyways thats a console gamers problem.

black9112311d ago


Well the best looking Rockstar game this gen was LA Noire and the ps3 version was superior so explain that.

coolmaster2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

man...i dont even know what to say. is it just my imagination or something, but look at my post right over there - Post number 8 to be exact. This is weird.

matt19912311d ago

Would it be a better idea to have the language be Free DLC. Im not sure how these things work.

coolmaster2311d ago

interesting idea but i think it wouldn't be so convinient for publishers to create several versions of games depending on the region. Yep it would be great for us gamers though. publishers are not interested in doing such type of work imo.

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